BA in Elementary Ed. from UT
*17 yr teacher.....most
recently at St. Andrews and
Good Shepherd Episcopal Schools
*10th year independent art instructor
Kristin Peterson Art Studio    512.481.9612
My niece, Gigi, and I painting.
November 2008
I was born and raised in
Austin. I have always had a
love for children and animals.
My career began as an
Elementary Teacher. I
consistently found art as a way
for children to express
themselves. I was inspired by
their uninhibited nature, their
willingness to try new things,
and how their paintings told a
story.In 2004 I took classes at
AMOA to brush up on the
basics of painting and drawing.
Since then I have been painting
with oils on wood panels and
canvas. I choose to focus on
one subject at a time. Subjects
range from animals to
architecture, birds,pastries,
fruits and people.
My Mission as a Teacher....

My program is designed to encourage each child to feel confident in
expressing themselves through art. For children of all ability levels, Art is
a venue in which they can gain a clearer view of themselves and their
world. I want them to gain confidence through pushing their limits and
taking pride in their own creations. My hope is for them to carry this
confidence and pride into their world of school, sports, friends and